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My name is Sara and in September of 2014 I came to the realization that I was overweight, and that I had let myself become content in that weight. All my life I struggled with my weight but never did anything about it, so at the age of 19 I put my foot down and joined a gym. For a good month I would go every morning and do what I thought was a “kick butt” workout, come to find out that what I was doing, wasn’t working at all. I had lost no weight during the whole month of continuously working out. My mom and I had seen signs around the gym for a person trainer and made the decision to give it a shot.

This lead me to meeting Arturo and having him as my personal trainer has been the best decision I have made since the moment I said I wanted to lose weight. We clicked right away and he has become my #1 fan throughout my journey to lose weight. The first couple of months were a struggle, having to push myself above and beyond my own expectation to be able to reach goals and succeed through each workout. Arturo is a great motivational trainer and has a great dedication to his clients and wants nothing more than to see them succeed.

Through each workout I learn something new and he always keeps me on my toes, no workout is the same. Arturo likes to change it up mixing up the routines, reps, weights, this makes it so I don’t get bored. Everyday I push myself a little more than I did last time, always wanting to improve myself and make it to the next level. Even on days that I feel like giving up, legs shaking, head pounding and lungs wheezing, I hear Arturo yell, “You got this Sara! Let go!” and I push myself for one more rep. You can do anything for 10 seconds. In the 7 months that I’ve trained with Arturo I have lost a total of 36 pounds and I feel amazing! Energy is high, endurance is steady and my dedication is stronger than ever.

Having someone whose life goal is to see you succeed and is dedicated to helping you change your life is why Arturo is such an amazing trainer. Every day I receive great motivation and inspiration from him and every day I kick butt in the gym, and always seeing results. Without Arturo I would be stuck doing the same workout and seeing no change, he has changed my life for the better. I will continue to grow as a person and lose weight with his guidance and teachings.



When I first began working out, my body could have been described as 5% muscle. I had more fat from from my days as a child than I did muscle from my days as an adolescent.  After 5 months of training with Arturo I have made significant muscular gains across all my muscle groups, burned excess fat on my body, and gained the knowledge necessary to one day planning my own workouts.  I highly recomend Arturo as a trainer to anybody who is willing to put in the work and make a change to their life.

~Evan Ebert


After decades of dislocations, with cortisone shots and surgery being the medical suggestions, I decided instead to get a personal trainer.

I’ve been working twice a week with Arturo Espitia for about a year and a half, and not only are my legs stronger, but my upper body and being as well.

I now stand taller with my head higher as I no longer need to watch where every step lands.  I have muscles that surprise me and even find I know how to use them.  I walk up stairs rather than pull myself.  I can stand steady on a rocking boat; get a stack of Fiestaware plates off a second shelf; and hug my nephew so hard he cries, “Uncle.”

Arturo varies my training to keep it interesting.  He has a great eye and ear taking my physical challenges and personality quirks into consideration.  Never do I feel forced to do something I’m not comfortable doing, yet he keeps me motivated to keep trying for more.

Somehow he’s managed to slip squats in on me and, even though I’ve never been able to do them before, I am making “baby-step” headway.

Arturo makes me feel good about the big and baby steps, and I’m the stronger for it.

Sincerely, ~Kim Bartlett Barroca


I have been a client of Arturo’s  since October of 2007 and I have trained with him extensively. His knowledge of personal training and group fitness classes is extensive.

Arturo is very dedicated to his client’s success and therefore is very creative. He keeps up with the latest trends in fitness. Strength, Core, Bosu , Kettle Bells and Cardio have been incorporated into the workout routines to keep them fresh and interesting. He is very good at tailoring a workout to an individual’s specific needs. This is very important as working out can become very routine and tedious.

I have also participated in his group fitness and boot camp classes and they are also challenging and interesting focusing on all the key areas of a complete and total workout routine.

Whether he is working one on one or with a group, I can highly recommend Arturo as a personal trainer.  Aside of his knowledge and expertise he is a great motivator with a sharp sense of humor.

~Amy J. Bowman

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